1. How old is Earth according to Geologists?
    A. 4.5 billion years old
    B. 7 billion years old
    C. 10 billion years old
    D. 3 billion years old
    E. 100 years old

2. Which is the correct deffinition of an era?
    A. A unit of time longer than an epoch. 
    B. A unit of time that is a division of a period. 
    C. The longest division of Geologic Time made up of one or more periods.
    D. Too many years to count.
    E. A period of time longer than an epoch and shorter than an era.

3. Which one is an era?
    A. Cretaceous 
    B. Juarassic 
    C. Mississippian 
    D. Cenzoic
    E. Quaternary

4. Which of these could be considered a major extinction event?
    A. A forest fire
    B. Completely running out of water.
    C. The population of the U.S. disapperaring.
    D. The crash of a meteorite into the Earth.
    E. A family of cats dieing.

5. Considering that humans have only been on Earth for 10 seconds, and the whole history of the Earth is 12 hours, what fraction does that make up?
    A. 1/4320
    B. 1/1000
    C. 1/500
    D. 1/1000000
    E. 1/100